Big Game Draw Odds
Find out what your odds are to hunt your favorite big game species next year!!
The draw application process can be so complicated sometimes as you consider max points needed to draw a tag, how many people are applying each year, and how many permits are going to be issued each year. This site was created to simplify and combine all the draw odds information. This way you can look at a species and a unit and see the draw information exactly how it stands from all the previous years. All of these facts can be found on the different state's Division of Wildlife websites. I hope that you can use this compilation of facts to make your application decisions easier. If you have any questions or if a link doesn't work, please let me know at Thanks!!

***2014 Utah Draw Odds results are being worked on right now and will hopefully be completed by February 14, 2015. I know there are many of you who use these and I apologize for the delay but I just haven't had the time like I normally do. Thanks for your patience.**** 

Good luck to everyone and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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